New WHPA Volunteer Opportunities




September 2011




The following committees are seeking new participants:



Market Adoption




Other WHPA committees and subcommittees are also accepting industry volunteers.  For more information visit the WHPA website.

WHPA Committees Offer Opportunities for High-Impact Industry Involvement


The Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) is the largest and broadest voice of the HVAC industry to California policy makers as well as investor-owned and municipal utilities.


Many of the committees and subcommittees of the WHPA are ramping up their activities to provide input to and influence HVAC public policy, regulations, utility programs and the adoption of emerging technologies.


Three WHPA committees are featured in this eblast as actively seeking new industry volunteers.

Compliance Committee


Title 24 has a large impact on California HVAC companies and organizations.  The WHPA Compliance Committee is continuing work to provide guidance to the California Energy Commission regarding online permitting, as follow-up to prior Compliance Committee work on simplifying the permit forms.


Additionally, the CEC is seeking input from this committee regarding a policy for the HVAC product serial number tracking of contractors who may be violating the law. 


For more information on joining the Compliance Committee, including experience, benefits, and application information, CLICK HERE.



Market Adoption Subcommittee of the Advanced Technology Committee


As a newly-formed group, the Market Adoption Subcommittee is focused on supporting the market penetration and mainstream adoption of promising advanced technologies and services. 


The subcommittee is seeking WHPA participants with the following experience: OEM, distributor and contractor marketing and sales professionals; HVAC educators, trainers and third party quality assurance providers; HVAC finance and ROI analysts; energy management professionals.


For more information regarding this committee, CLICK HERE.



Marketing Committee


The Marketing Committee’s mission includes promotion, branding and communication for the WHPA, and also within the statewide HVAC community. 


People with experience in HVAC or energy efficiency marketing or communication will have the opportunity to work with Marketing Committee members from the California utilities, contractors, OEMs,

and other organizations, developing business relationships while

providing valuable public service.


For more information about the activities and benefits of joining the Marketing Committee, CLICK HERE.

About the WHPA
The Western HVAC Performance Alliance was established in 2009. More than 162 organizations in 25 stakeholder categories are working together to help transform from the residential and small commercial HVAC industry to ensure that technology, equipment, installation and maintenance are of the highest quality to promote energy efficiency and peak load reduction. In this role the WHPA provides input to California Investor-Owned Utilities.
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