Frequently Asked Questions about the WHPA Charter


The WHPA Charter includes goals, governance principles, and details about running the organization.  Here are a few common questions and summary responses.

Q1. What is the overall goal of the WHPA?
A1.  While there are many goals, the common thread is to provide expertise from HVAC, energy efficiency, facility management, utilities and government to improve energy efficiency and peak load reduction in California. See the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan for more information.

Q2.  What is the difference between a Committee and a Working Group?
A2.  Both are formed to produce deliverables and to address one or more of the four goals in the Strategic Plan. Committee goals tend to be mid- and long-term and broadly based. Working Groups typically work in response to a request or requirement, and usually address a focused task of limited duration.

Q3.  Who is entitled to vote on a Committee or Working Group?
A3.  The Chair extends the invitation.  All voting members must be registered with the WHPA and represent an organizations that is a WHPA member. A person must be eligible to vote at least one meeting before they can participate in the voting.

.  How do I know if a company is a Member, if a person has registered?
A4.  The WHPA website lists each member organization; it is updated monthly after the Executive Committee meets (second Wednesday).  There is also a list of all WHPA registrants. With this information Committee Chairs can quickly check on voting eligibility.

Q4.  How does a vote pass?
A5.  All levels of WHPA organizations have the same rules: A quorum (50% of total voting membership of that body plus 1 person) must be present, and a supermajority (minimum of 60% of those present or represented by proxy) must vote in favor of the motion.  Votes may be conducted during a meeting and/or by email.

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