Strategic Plan Goal 4


This committee is concerned with Advanced Technology.  The goal is stated as new climate-appropriate HVAC technologies (equipment and controls, including system diagnostics) are developed with accelerated marketplace penetration.

There are five strategies associated with this goal:

  • 4-1 Pursue regional climate optimization equipment standards through DOE rulemaking process.
  • 4-2 Update “Total Avoided Cost Model” and Title 24 “Time Dependent Valuation” calculations, including use of peak energy value.
  • 4-3 Accelerate market penetration of advanced technologies by HVAC industry promotions and updating/expanding current utility programs to include the new technologies as appropriate.
  • 4-4 Adopt a progressive set of building codes that support the deployment of peak efficient equipment.
  • 4-5 Develop nationwide standards and/or guidelines for onboard diagnostic functionality and specifications for designated sensor mount locations.

Goal 4 Committees


Please see the Goal 4 Committee pages for detailed information such as strategies and meeting information.

Climate Optimized Building Codes & Equipment Committee (not currently meeting)

Onboard/In-Field Fault Detection and Diagnostics Committee

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