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This committee is not currently active. For more information, please email info@performancealliance.org.

HVAC Action Plan Documentation Referencing Technology in Design


Strategy 3.1: Aggressively promote whole building design concepts that improve the overall thermal integrity of new and existing structures.

Air conditioning does not work in isolation; buildings themselves dictate the occupant’s experience of comfort and efficiency. Whole building design that integrates thermal integrity is essential to achieve all potential energy savings identified in the Strategic Plan. While HVAC has historically been treated as a “box” or a “widget,” national organizations such as ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), BPI (Building Performance Institute), SMACNA and EPA’s ENERGY STAR Buildings Program have also begun to elevate the importance of right-sizing and proper control of HVAC equipment, which are key to successful integrated building designs and performance.  To maximize the effectiveness of the systems approach in many 2010-2012 IOU programs, support for whole building design concepts has been a priority since 2010. 


Key Actions



Pilot targeted programs

Launch pilot programs (whole house, quality installation [QI/QM], emerging technologies)


Evaluate pilot programs (including field testing)


Recommend program revisions as necessary for success in next program cycle (2014-2016)

Q2 2012


Incorporate radiant cooling, ductless systems, ground source heat pumps, and other alternatives into 5 percent of new and existing construction by 2012

Identify options for prioritizing technologies and appropriate applications

Q3 2011

Identify programs (e.g., whole house, zero net energy, Savings By Design) that can utilize HVAC whole building design

Q3 2011

Gather quantitative and qualitative data on 5 percent target

Q4 2011

Distribute results/case studies broadly to public and private sectors

Q3 2012

Leverage IOU programs to bring HVAC whole building design to 5 percent of new and existing construction

Q4 2012


Identify priorities of CEC PIER and IOU emerging technologies program activities to further support newer HVAC technologies and systems

Identify key HVAC programs and research bodies to track, including U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Q3 2011

Inventory what activities are underway for “newer HVAC technologies”

Q3 2011

Align with national regulatory activity related to raising minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Q3 2011

Share updates quarterly

Q4 2011


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