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The Western HVAC Performance Alliance (WHPA) is a fusion of HVAC, energy efficiency, facility, and property management organizations, researchers, educators, utilities, and regulatory agencies whose decision-maker-level appointees work with one another to curb energy waste. WHPA member organizations employ well over a million professionals.

WHPA members participate in committees and working groups, using their collective expertise to inform the development and implementation of efficiency policy and programs focused on topics such as HVAC workforce education and training, HVAC system specifications, code compliance, proper installation, system commissioning, operation, service, and maintenance, and emerging HVAC technologies.

Membership in the WHPA is free. Active participation is recommended.  Impact follows.

Industry News

HVAC5 Laboratory HVAC Testing Research for 2013-2014

This document provides an introduction to a detailed report of the results of laboratory testing of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). It identifies why the work was completed, objectives, and study approach. It also provides some of the major findings from the laboratory testing. Per the Laboratory HVAC Testing Research Plan, the purpose of these tests is to establish the energy impacts of faults that HVAC maintenance programs address. The test results are also meant to: 
  • Improve the accuracy of the California Database for Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) updates
  • Examine fault detection diagnostic (FDD) reliability
  • Examine instrumentation accuracy
  • Probe unexpected findings
This document is separated into three parts: 1. Introduction and Data Dictionary, 2. Data file 3. Primary Laboratory Test Report.

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